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Agamatrix WaveSense Meters

Page history last edited by Bernard Farrell 11 years, 8 months ago

I used Zero-Click DMS (Version 1.02) to download data from both a WaveSense Keynote and WaveSense Presto meters. The PDF manual for the software is online.


The data is stored in an Access database file called DMS.mdb in the installation area for the Zero-Click DMS software. This database has a password. I used the Database Password Sleuth software to get the password out of the database.


On my PC it was "nw6oUUWAKQ19B2rP", this is random enough that I suspect the value will be different on yours.


The database has four tables:

  1. GlucoseReadings
  2. MeterList
  3. Profile
  4. ProfilePreferences


More later on the structure of the GlucoseReadings table.



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