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Cozmo 1800 Insulin Pump

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Made by Smiths-Medical: Cozmo web site. Smiths-Medical has taken this pump off the market.


You can export data from the CoPilot software (version 4.0) by following these steps.

  1. Choose Reports -> Daily List.
  2. You can change what's shown on the report by pressing the icon to the left of the printer icon that's above the report.
  3. Choose File -> Export.
  4. Give the name of an XML file that will be created.


The XML format is not obvious. But Abbott kindly provides a PDF that documents the format. It's the Importing TAB and XML Data document.


The XML file supports a number of EventType definitions, each used for a different type of record.

Event types are entered as integers according to the following scheme:

Exercise = 0

Glucose = 1

Basal Insulin = 2

Bolus Insulin = 3

Lab Results = 4

Meal = 5

Medical Exams = 6

Medications = 7

Notes = 8

State of Health = 9

Ketone = 10

Alarms = 15

Generic = 16


For this project the most important record types are: Glucose; Basal Insulin; Bolus Insulin; Ketones.

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